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QDROs are Simple to Create with Legal Dynamics.The QDRO process is easy with Legal Dynamics. We make QDROs simple and easy for you through Legal DynamicsQDRO files made simple for your through Legal DyanmicsYou have an advocate for your QDRO with Legal Dynamics.

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QDRO Information



The QDRO process is simple. All you need to do to get the QDRO process started is to complete our online QDRO form. Then fax us a copy of any relevant court document (Petition / Mediation or Settlement Agreement / Judgment). Our fax # is 1-800-518-8171.. If you need assistance, our Initial Consult is Free, simply call 1-800-690-6445.

If we get involved in the case before the divorce is final, we have many more available options for protecting our client's portion of benefits that we can lose once the divorce is final. So start the process as soon as possible in the divorce process so both parties as well as the plan administrator and judge have time to approve the complex orders.

We accept credit cards over the phone or through our online order form. You can also mail us a check. Once the necessary information is received with full payment of our fee, you will be provided with a draft of the QDRO documents within 10 business days via email for your review.

Thereafter, written instructions are provided as each step of the process. All you need to do is read and follow the written instructions. No additional fees need ever be incurred. However, for busy professionals who prefer to have a consultant explain each step by phone, liaison services are available based on the time we spend with you. We also offer assistance to overcome spousal objections.

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